Brother Tucker's

Local restaurant review: there is a small room tucked away in a beachy old shopping building, about a block from the ocean on Atlantic Boulevard, a room basically and comfortably laid out with tables and chairs and a small but wonderful menu of mostly Belgian beers. There is also a pils or two, one or two German and British selections, etc., but mainly Belgians, from Blondes to kreiks to trappist ales. One friendly (and of course beer savvy) fellow mans the selection, and to complete the hospitality they serve about 10 incredibly wonderful utterly delicious things-to-eat -- probably the best soup I've ever had (spicy fish stew in mango broth), large fresh salads... I had what amounted to a clam pizza (chopped clams, garlic, and cheese toasted on top of a very fine round of bread), and everyone with whom I dined (themselves dining on everything from a pork sandwich to a seared tuna) agreed that theirs was an incredible meal. The beers are served at the right temperature and in the right glassware. It's not cheap, but for what you're getting, it's definitely not overpriced -- in short, it's one of the best little treasures ever to open up in South Florida. PLEASE go spend your money there so they stick around. If this place closes I will cry and cry and cry.

Pompano Beach, on Atlantic, south side of the road just west of A1A, tucked in a crook of the building, worth the search!!!

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