You Need This

These days, it's hard to remember that, once upon a time, the Arsenio Hall show was the show that cool people watched (and that cool famous people appeared on). It's also hard to remember that, once upon the same time, Vanilla Ice was actually the coolest of the cool. But "Ice Ice Baby" was the second rap single to hit number one on the Billboard Charts (where it stayed for a good part of my ninth grade year).

It's been almost 17 years since Vanilla Ice's album To the Extreme came out-- that means many of our students don't remember a world without "Ice, Ice Baby." Crazy, huh?

Now, here's a point for us to debate: Does the very existence of Vanilla Ice prove, once and for all, that there is no God? Or, does the fact that his career eventually stalled but the youtube clips live on prove that, in fact, there is a just and merciful God, and he/she has a bitchin' sense of humor? Discuss.

Oh, and if you're looking for more great moments in rap and hip hope, I'd like to direct you to The AV Club's 13 Great Moments in the Co-Option of Hip-Hop. It's phat. Also, da bomb. Word to your mother.

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