"Why does no one recognize my genius?" and the Random Ten

This week was crap in the submissions/rejections department for both Amy and me--we both missed out on things we thought we had really good shots at--so we've been slightly cranky about it. It's the downside of working in the creative side of things: the aggravating dependence on others for validation in the form of acceptance, even while trying to strike a new and original path. And it's really easy to look at what gets accepted and published and wonder "what the fuck do they see in that piece of crap?" because it is always, always crap, when compared to your own work.

Okay, not always. But often enough.

Here's the Random Ten--put your computer's music player on random/party shuffle and post the next ten songs to pop up. No skipping songs to make us think you're hip--we know you don't really listen to Ornette Coleman.

1. Herbie Hancock--And What If I Don't
2. Katherine Whalen--Angel
3. The Decemberists--The Engine Driver
4. Max Roach--Triptych:Prayer/Protest/Peace
5. Spider John Koerner--Last Lonesome Blues
6. Superdrag--So Insincere
7. Alejandro Escovedo--Slip
8. Susan Tedeschi--Love's In Need of Love Today
9. Dr. John--Quatre Parishe
10. Eric Clapton--Stop Breakin' Down Blues
Unnecessary Remake of the Day: Love Spit Love--How Soon Is Now

Tell your tales of woe. Or something.

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