This is awesome news

It gives slobs everywhere an excuse to be disgusting.

Dropping a piece of food on the floor and then picking it up and dining on it is a germaphobe's nightmare.

Streptococcus. Staphylococcus. E.coli. Oh, my!

But how bad is it?

A college professor and her students are challenging the prevailing wisdom of the so-called five-second rule, which for generations has governed how long little morsels can remain on floors uncontaminated.

The window, the Connecticut team has concluded, really is 30 seconds.

The article basically goes on to say that there is a difference between food that is hard and dry as opposed to wet and porous. An apple slice, for instance, was safe for a minute, while a Skittle was good for five.

And of course, a McDonald's french fry will survive a nuclear attack.

I swear, I think at least ten pounds of my gut is made up of undigested McDonald's french fries. A surgeon could cut me open and eat them straight out of my insides with some ketchup.

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