Robot Bears

I meant to blog about this earlier, but I forgot.

We've been discussing the great things that the US military is doing in terms of R&D these days. One of the things that they're working on (rather seriously, I might add) is a robot that would go into the combat zone and retrieve wounded soldiers. This is important in terms of the safety of the other soldiers in the unit, since they could then avoid going out into the fray to rescue said wounded soldier.

But the most important part is that to make the robot "friendlier" and "more reassuring" it has a teddy-bear head.

Teddy bears have been used before, masking various instruments to care for the elderly in Japan, and to keep ill children company in the hospital. These are items that look like actual teddy bears, but have various things implanted in them.

The rescue robot, however, is a really big robot.

Oh, if you hadn't guessed, I've spent all afternoon on my dissertation and my brain is beginning to melt. That's usually a good time to stop working.

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