Oh, Come On!

Seriously. I live in a state that has, as official policy, allowed developers to bury tortoises alive. Seriously?

Read all about it right here.

The good news is, yesterday the state wildlife commission voted unanimously to end this policy. Rodney Barreto, chairman of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, told the Sun-Sentinel, "This is long overdue, this rule... What we've done here is wrong, and we're going to make it right."

Well, duh.


The article says that estimates indicate that this policy of burying animals alive in order to facilitate the faster constructions of Wal-Marts may have killed over 90,000 tortoises.


It never would have dawned on me that I live in a state where burying animals alive was official policy. I'm a pretty imaginative guy, but this is ridiculous. Now, I'm kind of worried. Any readers out there know if, like, Florida allows grocers to burn kittens or trash collectors to defenestrate monkeys? 'Cause I'd really like to know.

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