Just When You Think It's Impossible for George W. Bush To Surprise You...

Most of the time, I feel like I'm pretty desensitized to the stupid things people in this administration say and do. Changing your mind once you have more facts is flip-flopping? Okay. 30-year-old graduates of Pat Robertson's Clown College get put in a position to oversee the job performances of actually qualified lawyers with decades of experience? Sure. Why not? "The jury's still out on evolution"? Well, of course it is. Why wouldn't you say that?

Like I said, I can generally just shake my head and chuckle at such inanities. Oh, I'm still outraged-- don't take my laughter as a sign that I don't take these matters very, very seriously. But I'm just not surprised.

Still, every so often the Bush administration will do something that causes me to do a [virtual] double-take. Like, for example, nominating a man who believes that homosexuals need to be cured for the position of Surgeon General of the United States. According to Dr. James W. Holsinger, Bush's choice for our country's top medical offical, homosexuality is “an issue not of orientation but of lifestyle.”

Seriously, Mr. President, I get that you don't have much use for book-learning or science or hiring qualified people for important jobs, but for God's sake, the American Psychological Association removed homosexuality from its list of diagnoses and disorders in 1973. If you're so insistent on hiring a quack doctor with outdated notions about medicine, couldn't you at least get a more entertaining quack doctor? Like, someone who uses leeches to cure "hysterical" women or prescribes "tonics and elixirs" made from corn syrup and whiskey to cure athlete's foot? I mean, if you're gonna go with stupid, let's go hog wild here.

Damn. What's next? Putting someone who repeatedly anally-raped his wife in charge of women's reproductive health?

Oh, wait. That's been done already.

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