Jesse Lange Is My New Hero

Hey, Bill O'Reilly-- seriously, how dumb are you that an articulate 17-year-old can win an argument with you?

Just watch this clip, and pay attention to the point where O'Reilly obviously realizes that he's lost the argument and has to quickly raise his voice and talk over this child in order to save face. And when he resorts to name-calling? Awesome. A middle-aged man-- a father, for God's sake-- is calling a kid names. It's pricelesss-- just priceless.

Equally priceless is the other kid, the one who can't actually articulate his position beyond, "It's inappropriate. It's totally inappropriate."

Seriously-- sometimes I feel like I'm turning into my parents, getting outraged at "the kids today." Then I hear or read about a kid like Jesse Lange, and my faith in America's future is restored. The clip below, I maintain, is the feel-good story of the year.

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