The implications of Cheney's position

As Emily noted yesterday, Dick Cheney has said that the Vice President's office is not "an entity within the executive branch." Set aside for the moment that he's full of crap. Let's assume he's right--what does that mean for him.

1. He's not really Vice-President. As tas pointed out in the comments, the VP's office is certainly discussed in the Executive Branch of the Constitution. If Cheney's office is exempt, he's not VP, and that means he's basically resigned the post. So let's choose another one.

2. If he's VP, but not part of the executive branch, then he can't claim executive privilege. So even under the Bush administration's stretching of that privilege to cover ridiculous stuff, they can't claim this.

3. If he's not part of the executive branch, then he shouldn't have offices in the White House, the Capitol, or anywhere else the executive branch has them. Security should pack his shit and leave it on the curb. He should also be required to pay back the taxpayers his salary and all the money we've spent on security, transportation, and medical care.

4. Of course, if he is part of the executive branch, he's been deliberately violating federal law, which means he should be impeached, removed, and prosecuted.

Now, I don't expect any of that will happen, but it should, and I hope that Dennis Kucinich amends his impeachment bill to include this. In fact, I'd like him to amend it to deal only with this, as these are legitimate charges that are pretty much not up for debate. He has no defense. Cheney must go.

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