If Tom Delay Were Running For President, I Would Title This Blog Post "Hammer Horror"

Emily is out of town, visting her brother (who teaches English in Japan), so I'm taking this opportunity to watch all of the horror movies that she doesn't want to watch with me. So far, I've watched Alone With Her, a thriller about voyeurism and stalking in the electronic age, and Kill, Baby... Kill!, Italian director Mario Bava's 1968 pre-giallo gothic horror movie about the ghost of a really creepy kid (or, perhaps, it's the creepy ghost of a perfectly normal kid) who goes around killing people, seeking revenge for her own death. Good stuff, both of them.

Tonight's movie was supposed to be Silent Hill, which is a much, much better movie than most critics would have you believe. Granted, it doesn't make a lick of sense, and the entire plot hinges on the main character doing something so stupid, I try to be charitable and pretend that she was briefly under the influence of some type of demonic force. But then again, a lot of horror movies don't hold up to a lot of scrutiny. I mean, look at mummies. Or zombies. These things move at a glacial pace. If you see a mummy or a zombie, just run! I mean, if you get killed by a zombie or a mummy, it's your own damn fault.

(Naturally, I'm not including the zombies and mummies from recent movies, where they've actually moved quite fast. I'm thinking about older monster movies here).

Anyway, Silent Hill scares the hell out of me. It's just a creepy, creepy movie. It's so effective, I decided I would watch it early, because the first time I watched it was just before bed and it actually gave me nightmares. So, at six o'clock, I started the movie. I get through the first 45 minutes, I'm getting into the movie, and then I remember, "Oh, shit! The Republican debate is about to start." So now the movie's paused, and I'm watching the debate, and...

I'm terrified. Really, really terrified.

Two candidates just said that, under certain circumstances, they could see themselves authorizing a preemptive tacticle nuclear strike on Iran.

And Wolf Blitzer just said "Iraqi" when he meant "Iranian," asking about those preemptive nuclear strikes. And nobody corrected him.

"You don't take options off the table," Mitt Romney just said, summing up the feelings of everyone on the stage so far, regarding... preemptive nuclear war. I'll say it again... preemptive nuclear war.

Good God! I can't watch this anymore. I want to be able to sleep tonight. I'd better go back to watching demons in barbed wire.

I'll have more comments on the debate tomorrow. Somehow, reading the transcript seems more palatable than watching this gruesome spectacle live.

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