Hurricane Season and the Random Ten

Hurricane season opens today and while there's some rain on tap there's no immediate threat in the Caribbean. Fingers crossed. (By the way, that link is my primary source for up to the minute hurricane info--fabulous place.)

It seems odd, having grown up in Hurricane Alley, that it wasn't until two years ago that I actually rode out my first hurricane. Camille hit New Orleans before we lived in Louisiana, and until Katrina, nothing had actually hit the area head on. And then two years ago, in Florida, I get both Katrina and Wilma, and get power back from Katrina just in time to see it destroy my beloved New Orleans. They're still having trouble, in case you missed the up-to-the-minute coverage. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

Last year there were plenty of storms--they just all went out to sea, for which I am very grateful (even though it made the fall semester really drag near the end). So I have to hope for the same this year--let them turn into Category WTF, just let them stay at sea.

Here's the Random Ten. Choose your computer's music player (I just downloaded FoxyTunes for Firefox, so I'm trying it out), put it on random play and post the next ten songs. No skipping the Paula Abdul track from your wedding (Forever Your Girl). Here we go.

1. Mrs. Hill--Talib Kweli
2. Not So Usual--Jason Mraz
3. Lesson 6: The Lecture--Jurassic 5
4. Cold Hard Bitch--Jet
5. Glass Onion--The Beatles
6. King of New Orleans--Better Than Ezra (no, I didn't set this up)
7. Como Ves--Ozomatli
8. Let Me Clear My Throat--DJ Kool feat. Doug E Fresh and Biz Markie
9. A Little Bit of Soap--De La Soul
10. Feel No Pain--Sade

A very hip-hoppy random ten this week. And for your viewing pleasure, a video of number 8. Enjoy.

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