Fun Signs from Japan

I'm currently suffering through the worst jet-lag I've ever had. And quite possibly that anyone anywhere has ever had. (It's not like I exaggerate or anything).

In lieu of saying anything intelligent about my trip, I'll just include a few of the more awesome signs that I saw:

Watch out for the bears on the mountain.

Cartoon Basho* on his trek through Northern Honshu.

Don't drive your car into the water, or the fish will cry. My brother, who actually speaks Japanese insists that it just tells you to be careful about driving near the harbour. But the fish is crying.

And finally, the requisite "Engrish":

That's all for now. When I find my brain, I might have more to say. But then again, maybe not.

That won't prevent me from posting something.

*Basho, if you didn't know, was a 17th century haiku poet

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