Football Players and Prayer

So, the big hullaballo at Iowa State University has been that the football team wanted to hire a chaplain. University faculty cried foul, and rightly so. (By the way, make sure you read the comment that someone left about that ...

Now, the football team wants to hire a "Life-Skills Assistant." The faculty, of course, say that it's really the same thing with a new name.

Apparently the football team would most likely be spending money from private donations to the team (not University, and therefore state, money), but it's still a bit odd to me.

Now, you may know that I grew up in the Lutheran church, my dad was a minister when I was a kid (he's now a communcations professor at one of the ELCA's smaller schools), and that I even went to a church-affiliated school (this is different from a church school). Nevertheless - or probably because of all this - I'm skeptical about the need for a chaplain on the football team's list of staff. And I'm far more skeptical about a "Life-Skills Assistant."

I realize that oftentimes, student athletes lack certain coping skills, but I'm not sure why they need a special "Life-Skills Assistant" to help them cope, rather than the resources already available to them at the university. And really, this sounds like something that would be on Oprah or one of the shows that has been spawned in the midst of the Oprah revolution.

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