Eight Random Things

Brian kinda took a hit for me, after I got "tagged" in the comments section of my post about the kid who outsmarted Bill O'Reilly. I figure fair's fair-- I was the one who got tagged, so I should also reveal eight random things about me.


1) I used to teach "mosh pit etiquette" in my freshman composition classes, back when I still used to occasionally venture into mosh pits.

2) I don't like vegetables on my pizza.

3) Once, at the movie theater, a total stranger sitting behind me stuck her tongue in my ear.

4) I have an extensive collection of old Justice League of America comic books from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

5) I still know all the words to "Janie Got a Gun" and "November Rain."

6) I got married on David Bowie's birthday.

7) When I was in the ninth grade, owned a pair of baggy "M.C. Hammer" pants.

8) I've violated my virginity pledge more than once in the past week.

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