The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Received from a Corporation

Like most people, I get these nuisance emails from the companies I grudgingly do business with. Most of them are full of stupid offers for people who see consumerism as a fun game they'd like to spend more of their lives thinking about: "collect points" and whatnot. I glance and delete.

But the one I got from "Bellsouth the New AT&T" today was so strange that I glanced, and... had to take another look. This one claimed to be a GIFT with no strings attached: no collecting of points or whatever -- we're just GIVING you this gift (valued at $24.95) to thank you for being a wonderful customer.

And what is this "gift" they claim is worth five finskis?

A personality quiz.

Yeah, that's right, on the internet. And they value it at $24.95.

So are they completely stupid, or do they think I'm completely stupid?

Either way, it's the most unprofessional and embarrassing thing a corporation has ever sent to me.

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