Don't bother running again

Bill Nelson, Florida's "Democratic" Senator, re-elected in 2006 only because he managed to luck into a race against the even more odious Katherine Harris, has got to go in 2012. Fortunately, by 2012, he'll be 70 and may be looking to retire, and we should certainly encourage him, but even if he isn't ready to retire, Florida Democrats should look to retire him, because of his voting record.

I first got mad at Nelson in 2006 when he voted for the wretched Military Commissions Act when there was no point in doing so, and he made me even madder a couple of days ago when he sold out his fellow Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday questioned the continuing value of the Central Intelligence Agency’s secret interrogation program for terrorism suspects, suggesting that international condemnation and the obstacles it has created to criminal prosecution may outweigh its worth in gathering information.

Let's not play with euphemisms here--we're talking about torture, and the Democratic Senator from my state voted to keep funding it. If there were a way to recall him, I'd be out there with petitions today, but unfortunately, the only real recourse is to primary him in 2012 or pressure him to not seek re-election.

First things first--Mel Martinez is up for re-election in 2010, and we need to beat him first, hopefully with a truly progressive candidate. If there's anyone out there who knows of a good candidate who can raise the necessary funds to take him on, I'm all ears. And then we do the same to Nelson in 2012. That's a good ways off into the future, but it's never too early to start planning.

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