Does Ann Coulter Have Any Dead Loved Ones We Can Make Fun Of?

Here's some video of Ann Coulter's appearance on this evening's Hardball, which I know we all agreed we were very anxious to not watch. Anyway, since we were all busy not watching the show, I'm afraid we all missed out on hearing this exchange between Ms. Manners and Elizabeth Edwards, who called in to request that Ann perhaps try to elevate the tone, refrain from ugly personal attacks, and-- please-- stop making fun of the fact that John and Elizabeth Edwards have a dead son.

You've got to hand it to Ann Coulter-- if I had made a joke at the expense of grieving parents, and the grieving parents called me on it and asked me to stop, I'd be a little flustered. Not Ann, though-- she went right on laughing at the pain of a grieving mother and cancer patient.

Oh, and for those of you wondering about the question posed in the title of this post-- the answer is no. Creatures like Ann Coulter aren't capable of love.

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