Choose Your Own Adventure

When I was a kid, I loved those "choose your own adventure" books: written in the 2nd person, you'd get to the bottom of the page and the book would offer you a choice: "if you'd like to fight the great white shark, turn to page 80; if you want to try to swim for it, turn to page 22."

For as much as I loved them, I was shockingly bad at them: I always made the wrong choices and ended up in the wrong plot, but I found them fascinating, and used to actually read through them in page order to see what all the possibilities were... in short, I've always wanted to write one.

MINE is a short one, a silly one, a practice one, but I invite you to play! My questions are a little unconventional, a bit like a political opinion poll, but you'll dig it.

And Brian, by the way, wrote a few of the options. You'll be able to tell. :-)

Please read/play Amy's Choose Your Own Adventure story by clicking ICI!

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