Brown v. Board of Education and the Random Ten

As I am not a lawyer (nor have any wish to be) and only read Supreme Court decisions on occasion for fun--what?--I haven't written on the recent thoroughly depressing decisions emanating forth from the Roberts Court. Fortunately Bitch Ph.D. and Samhita from Feministing have a couple of really good perspectives of their own on the situation, both well worth ruminating on.

Here's this week's Random Ten: put your computer's mp3 player on party shuffle and post the next ten songs to pop up. No cheating to make yourself look ironic (whatever that's supposed to mean):

1. The Remedy (I Won't Worry)--Jason Mraz
2. The El--Rhett Miller
3. Punishment fits the crime--The Ramones
4. The Bones Of An Idol--The New Pornographers
5. Waiting For the End of the World--Elvis Costello
6. Respect Yourself--The Staple Singers
7. Pump Up the Jam--Technotronic (for those romantic mornings)
8. Drive In Drive Out--Dave Matthews Band
9. I Fell In Love--Susan Tedeschi
10. I Don't Believe You--Magnetic Fields

And just to make the point, prepare to be seduced by this silky smooth love song and these dance moves.

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