Ann Althouse is Losing Her Mind

Law professor and blogger Ann Althouse is infamous among those of us who read left-wing blogs created by people who are under 35 or so. Althouse got all sorts of attention for herself last year, when she attacked Jessica Valenti for having breasts while meeting with former president Bill Clinton. Althouse doesn't particularly care for young feminists, but she really hates Clinton.

Now, Althouse has turned her attention towards the recent Sopranos spoof featuring Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton. In the video, Bill asks, "No onion rings?" and Hillary replies, "I'm looking out for ya." A normal person would imagine that this is, first, a reference to the fact that Tony Soprano was eating onion rings in the last scene of the last episode of The Sopranos, and, second, that Bill Clinton-- with his history of weight and heart problems-- can't be eating beer-battered, deep fried anything. Okay, so it's not particularly funny. What politician-- aside from Zell Miller-- really makes you laugh, though?

Anyway, a normal person understands that the onion ring refers to a popular TV show and the president's history of eating junk food and paying the price for it. A normal person. Not Ann Althouse. No, when Ann Althouse sees an onion ring, she thinks of...


"... I doubt," Althouse writes, "if any blogger will disagree with my assertion that, coming from Bill Clinton, the 'O' of an onion ring is a vagina symbol."

Well. I know one who will disagree. But let me check... Yep. Emily disagrees with that assertion too. So that's two. How about the rest of you?

I mean, seriously. I've seen onion rings, and I've read an awful lot about vaginas-- there are no similarities. In fact, a crass person might point out that a vagina isn't really shaped like an "O", and that they don't tend to leave severe burns on a penis, the way a fresh onion ring would. But that's just tacky, so I'm not going to say that.

But still. For God's sake. Ann Althouse is so quick to look for hidden innuendo, she's like that really obnoxious guy that used to hang around your group of friends in college, anxious to turn any innocuous comment into a sex joke. "I'd show her a lightsaber." "I'll boil her angel hair pasta." "I'd like to walk her lhasa apso."

Seriously, Ann Grow up.

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