You may not be up on this, but you should be

The government of Iran has just leveled charges on the Iranian-American scholar, Haleh Esfandiari, arguing that she is trying to create a "soft" revolution (bringing about change through things like open dialog with other nations, etc.)

Esfandiari is a scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center, and holds dual citizenship in the United States and Iran. Apparently, she was visiting her ailing mother in Tehran in December, had her passports stolen, was detained and kept under house arrest until May and then was arrested and put in prison.

She's not the only scholar who's being held in the country.

The government has also now told all scholars that they shouldn't go to international conferences or communicate with scholars in other nations, because they may be charged with espionage.

For a better explanation of what's happening to Esfandiari see the website set up by her family and colleagues. There's also a petition that you can sign.

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