We have a new toy

So we went camera shopping yesterday. We do have a small digital camera that we bought a couple of years ago to take snapshots, and it's okay. But I've generally refused to give up my beloved 35 mm camera.

However, in the event of our little jaunt this week to Key West, and my trip starting next week to Japan, Bradley suggested that now would be the ideal time to get a good digital camera.

The one art class I took in college was photography, so I fancy myself a bit of a photographer (I'm totally not, but I fancy myself that way anyway). I also get excited about bells and whistles. Our new camera has many of those. (It's a Canon PowerShot S3 IS - even the name sounds bells- and whistle-y)

I haven't figured everything out quite yet, but it has all sorts of cool settings to adjust the light appropriately, settings like "Snow," "Sand," and "Fireworks."

My favorite that I've figured out so far is "Color Accent" - only the color that you've set shows up in the picture. The rest ends up in black and white. It's super cool.

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