Three reasons I'm glad I'm a Democrat

So Fred Thompson is filing his papers to form something called a "testing the waters" committee, which would make him the 11th old white guy to join in the Republican chase for the nomination, and if Newt "Sucking ain't Fucking if you're a Republican" Gingrich gets in like it seems he will, that'll be 12.

The Democrats have their share of old white guys running--Joe "I never met a story I couldn't ruin by bloviating" Biden, Chris "I'm Chris Dodd, Chris Dodd is my name" Dodd, Dennis "I was Ron Paul before he was" Kucinich, Mike "you people are all crazy" Gravel, and John "I'm older than I look" Edwards.

And then there are these three, two of whom are battling it out for the lead in the national polls, and the other who, in any other campaign year, would be getting huge press for his experience and ethnicity.

I have to feel bad for Bill Richardson. He's got to be saying to himself "what do I have to do here? I'm the first major Latino presidential candidate, and I can't get any face time." He's got a terrific amount of experience both as a legislator and an executive, and he's got diplomatic credentials out the wazoo, but he can't get any air because the African-American and the former First Lady get more press.

And as a voter heading into the primaries in 8 months, that's great news for my party. If we don't wind up with at least one of these three people on the ticket in some way, if we wind up with yet another ticket of two old white guys against the Republican two old white guys, then shame on us. And if we can wind up with two of the three on the ticket, even better.

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