Stupid gun laws and the Random Ten

It would be easy to imagine, given my other progressive stances, that I'm a major gun control advocate. I'm not, at least not in the straw man sense that the right likes to portray progressives as. I'm more in favor of the states judging individually what gun laws they ought to have, as not all states have the same issues with guns. Howard Dean said much the same thing when he ran for President--Vermont has different things to deal with than New York does, and the argument can even be extended to city versus rural areas. And as long as the courts continue to read the 2nd Amendment as not extending a personal right to bear arms (a situation very much up in the air right now), I think that's a sensible solution.

But sometimes, states just need to be slapped upside the head.

A blind man who has concealed weapons permits from North Dakota and Utah says he's not a danger to society, even though he can't see the gun he's shooting.

For starters, kudos to Minnesota for denying this guy a concealed carry permit. He's freaking blind.

Let me repeat this, in case you missed it. He's freaking blind.

This is not an issue of dismissing the rights of the disabled. This is an issue of public safety. A gun is a dangerous machine, and we limit the ability of people to use other dangerous machines. We require people to prove they're capable of operating motor vehicles--and they have to be able to see in order to do that. That's not discrimination. That's good public policy and a recognition of certain peoples' limitations.

I realize there aren't as many people living in North Dakota and Utah as there are in Minnesota, and maybe that has something to do with those states' decisions to allow such a ridiculous permit, but seriously, there's got to be a limit somewhere.

Here's the Random Ten. Put your computer or iPod on Party Shuffle and post the next ten songs that pop up. No cheating to make yourself look dorky.
1. Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian--John Prine
2. Cold Brains--Beck
3. Meanwhile, Rick James...--Cake
4. Feeling Like I Do--Superdrag
5. Lord Is It Mine--Supertramp
6. Heart of Glass--Nouvelle Vague
7. When I Fall--Barenaked Ladies
8. The Late Late Blues--Milt Jackson and John Coltrane
9. Tonight, Not Again--Jason Mraz
10. Hoarding it for Home--Mates of State

Don't shoot anybody.

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