Yes, In Fact, Your Opinion Can Be Wrong

So I'm doing my usual Saturday morning thing-- surfing the Internets with MSNBC on in the background-- when this FBI profiler comes on my television to talk about some horrifying murder that's happened somewhere far from where I live. So that's all groovy, until the guy-- at the end of his interview-- very quickly throws out his ideas about the Rosie O'Donnell "controversy." Seriously. Knowing that his time was almost up, he started speaking really quickly about a totally irrelevant subject with which he had absolutely no expertise.

His opinion, if I understood him correctly, is that everyone has-- as he put it-- "fifteen seconds of fame," but that "the media" (which he apparently doesn't realize he's affiliated with) should not put people like Rosie O'Donnell on television.

Meanwhile, on the Internets, almost 60% of South Floridians responding to a Sun-Sentinel poll say that public schools should create special classes for "bullies" to keep them segregated from "good kids."

And, in related news...

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