A post-party photo essay
No fancy, schmancy video for me, but I think this selection of post-party photos sums up the reason my head hurts this afternoon.

This is where we kept the beer. I take full responsibility for the choice.

This is where the beer bottles are now. We did not actually drink the spaghetti sauce, though if the night had continued, there's no telling what might have happened.

This is the wreckage of the bar. We didn't hit this as badly as we might have, though the rum was certainly a casualty.

This is the leftovers of the beer and water. For the record, no bottles of water were actually consumed at the party. I drank one of them while setting up the palm tree cooler, and that's the only one missing. Not pictured--the several bottles of wine sacrificed to the evening.

We had a great time hosting. Much thanks to everyone who came.

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