Oh, the horror!

Michelle Aarons needs a cocktail. Seriously. Anyone who gets this worked up over this needs a stiff drink or two at the very least.

A new addition near the Hollywood ArtsPark has created a few more giggles from children on the playground, but some city officials and parents aren't laughing.

The gigantic blue billboard is designed like a name tag -- with a particularly interesting name.

"Hello, my name is Hugh Jass," the sign announces. Children read it and laugh.

Parents complained to City Hall.

"I can't believe they would put that near a park," said Michelle Aarons of Hollywood, who brings her two children to the park once a week.

Here is the offending billboard.

Come on, now. It's barely snortworthy. And any kids who are going to be traumatized by that joke has bigger problems. Like their parents.

They ought to replace it with one that says "Hello, my name is Heywood J'Blowme." That would at least raise some interesting questions around the dinner table.

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