More great GOP offers

As I have mentioned before, someone a while back signed me up for emails from a number of right wing websites. GOPUSA is one of my favorites, as they're well on the outskirts of wingnuttia--the far outskirts, not the ones closer to sanity. And here's their latest offering:

Subject: Have your children spend part of their summer with Oliver North
From: "GOPUSA Friends"
Date: Sat, May 5, 2007 11:01 pm

Lt. Col Oliver L. North, USMC (Ret.) and Freedom Alliance are seeking high school students for our 2007 summer Military Leadership Academy (MLA) -- a unique and exciting opportunity to LIVE, EAT and TRAIN with our U.S. military personnel at some of the pre-eminent U.S. military bases:

June 19-23: Blount Island Command, Jacksonville, Florida
This base is the home of the United States Marine Corps Prepositioning Program.

Students attending this Academy may also spend time at the region's other bases including Naval Air Station Jacksonville and King's Bay Submarine Base.

July 22-28: Navy and Marine Corps Facilites in San Diego, California

Camp Pendleton hosts a number of U.S. Marine Corps' tenents[sic] including the Infantry School, Marine Corps Air Station and the 2nd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion.

Students at this academy will negotiate the Marine Corps Obstacle Course, spend one day each on Navy surface ships, submarines and aviation and much, much more...

The week-long Military Leadership Academy is an awesome adventure and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for motivated and determined high school students, ages 15-18, who want to gain practical leadership skills - and have fun learning from real-life American heroes.

The student tuition fee is only $399 and covers all meals, lodging, all training materials and all required equipment, ie., flashlights, uniforms, sleeping bags, tents and more.

Yep, for only four hundred bucks you can send your teenager off to camp with a psychotic nutbag who became famous for trading arms to Iran (Axis of Evil) in exchange for US hostages and then funneled the money to Latin American groups responsible for the killing of thousands of innocent people--and who had the nerve to be insulted when people questioned his loyalty and honesty. I have no idea why North isn't reviled publicly wherever he goes, but he ranks among the worst human beings of US citizenship of the last fifty years, easily. He should be in jail, and isn't simply because of a technicality--his guilt was well established, and yet I have little doubt that his "leadership academy" will fill.

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