Misogynist Pharmacists of Montana

I imagine most of the people who read this blog regularly are already familiar with this story about the Montana pharmacy that's decided-- like other pharmacies around the country-- to refuse to fill certain prescriptions for women customers. A few things make this story especially special-- one, these pharmacists are refusing to fill any and all oral contraceptives for women (not just emergency contraception that some religious wackos mistakenly believe cause abortions); two, a week and a half earlier, the owner of the pharmacy-- Stuart E. Anderson-- signed his name to an advertisment that appeared in the Mother's Day edition of the Great Falls [Montana] Tribune, thanking all of the "unselfish" mothers who gave birth and to ask the culture at large to commit itself to maintaining the rights of "the unborn." Nothing too objectionable there-- the newspaper has the right to print any ad that it deems acceptable, and I assume that they'd also publish advertisements from pro-choice political candidates. However, what's troublesome is that the Great Falls Tribune apparently isn't covering this story, which seems like a pretty big deal to me. An area business is trying to keep women away from the medication their doctors have prescribed for them. How can this not be a major news story?

I suspect I know the answer, though...

Edit: Welcome to all the visitors from Shakesville, and thanks to Melissa for spotlighting this post.--Brian

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