Sleep, glorious sleep and the Random Ten

When this term ends, I'm gonna take a three day nap. And then I'll get up and write my syllabus for the Summer term. Glad that one's only 6 weeks long, and then I'll get another nap. Here's the random ten--the iTunes is on party shuffle and these are the next ten songs. Hope I don't humiliate myself.

1. Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore--John Prine
2. The Late Late Blues--Milt Jackson and John Coltrane
3. Travelin' Mood--Snooks Eaglin
4. Dirty Little Secret--Katherine Whalen
5. Holy Lamb (Song for the Harmonic Convergence)--Yes
6. Dancing Queen--ABBA
7. Step Into My Office Baby--Belle and Sebastian
8. Sing Me Spanish Techno--The New Pornographers
9. Girls Singing--Mates of State
10. Sad Songs and Waltzes--Cake

Go ahead--give me some shit. I deserve it.

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