School's Out For Summer and the Random Ten

Okay, so it's not officially out yet, as this is finals week, and I am teaching the first summer term, so I'm not really out yet, but I can still celebrate, right? I never cease to be amazed by students who think that they can make up a semester's worth of slacking by revising everything in sight the week before finals. I currently have a couple of file folders on my desktop full of such papers, and they're rarely major improvements. I have to look at all of them, simply because there might be that rare find that will make its way into my teaching portfolio next year, but usually their idea of revision is largely copy-editing, and that just wears me out physically and emotionally, especially since they wouldn't have to be revising if they'd just dropped by my office for ten minutes at some point in the term.

Bleah. Enough of that. Here's the Random Ten for this week. I've got the iTunes on party Shuffle and these are the next ten songs to come up.

1. This Modern Love--Bloc Party
2. Sweet and Loving Man--Finley Quaye
3. Closer--Veruca Salt
4. Mexico--James Taylor
5. Rusty Old String--The Amy Garland Band
6. From a Pen--Paul Brill
7. Fade to Grey--Nouvelle Vague
8. (What Did I Do To Be So) Black and Blue--Dave Brubeck
9. The Beast--Talib Kweli (Featuring Papoose)
10. Wash Jones--Squirrel Nut Zippers

Special Soul Track (which was next on the list): Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone--Al Green

Your homework is to write what you're going to do on summer vacation.

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