I have bad taste in music.

Can I be the first to complain that our society puts far too much importance on the music we listen to? Myspace wants to know what you're listening to every time you post a random thought. Every Friday millions of bloggers (including Brian) dutifully tell us the next ten random songs on their ipods. In High Fidelity, John Cusack confidently purveys the wisdom that it's not WHAT you're like, it's what you LIKE that determines who you are... can I admit that I cringed at that particular cinematic moment?

Because I do not have good taste in music. Or at least, I don't have taste that reflects who I am in any way. When I was a teenager, I liked garage-punk bands you've never heard of, like bENT and sockeye, who home-produced such classic tunes as "mushroom gravy (ladled over the head of my dick)." But like my father, I cling obsessively to the same small set of pop songs (and in many cases, they're the same songs! I've had an acute Beatles addiction since birth, as far as I can tell). I can sing you Jesus Christ Superstar from intro to outro, playing all the parts - same goes for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I like the pina colada song. I like the copa cabana song. I have a genuine affection for the Spice Girls' entire catalog (not to say I "celebrate" it...) I think that Everclear's "Songs from an American Movie Vol 1" is musical genius. I listened to ONE Jason Mraz album (Waiting for my Rocket..) from San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale and back again (by CAR, friends!) Hell, I even think Ringo was talented! ("Don't Pass Me By"? "Octopus's Garden"? AWESOME!) And don't even get me started on "Piss Up a Rope" by WEEN.

But the one thing I've managed to admit to NO ONE until just a couple of weeks ago, is that I LOVE Supertramp. Breakfast in America, baby. Now that's an awesome album. (I'm coming out!) And after I told Brian that I always loved that album a couple weeks ago, my sweetie went and got it for me, despite that meaning that he has to hear it (because I refuse to listen to music through earbuds)... and that, right there, is true love.

But please conclude nothing of my personality from anything you've just read. It's not in there.

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