A Poetry non-complaint and the random ten

Since I spent so much room complaining about Hill's poems, below, I figured I ought to point to something in this month's Poetry that I like. Richard Kenney's "Iris" is not a perfect poem, but it's a nice example of the merging of complex vocabulary with tactile metaphor:

The carborundum-based exobiology landed
Like a...like a bodacious sudden chandelier
Dropped from the midnight sky, scattering

Quick as scat behind every ottoman, divan, vent-
Grille and oven-refrigerator in the Northern
Hemisphere, and commenced to take notes.

The poem ends with an extended quote from what looks like an alien's notebook describing human beings. It's a quirky way of looking at humans--"long water bags, minerally stiffened" is one phrase he uses--and I think it's odd without being off-putting. Kenney's poem just feels to me like it's attempting to talk to me rather than at me.

Here's the random ten--set your iTunes on party shuffle and post the next ten songs that come up. No cheating to make yourself look less cool than you really are, in a sort of anti-cool swerve. Here we go.
1. Here Comes Your Man--The Pixies
2. Going Back to Cali--LL Cool J
3. Of Angels and Angles--The Decembrists
4. Just For Laughs Pt. 1--Charles Mingus
5. The Killing Moon--Nouvelle Vague
6. You Can Dress 'em Up (But You Can't Take 'em Out)--Mojo Nixon
7. Summer Song--Dave Brubeck and Louis Armstrong
8. Get Back--The Beatles
9. Store Bought Bones--The Raconteurs
10. Aqui No Sera--Ozomatli

Anyone want to share this week?

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