I absolutely agree

Via Lawyers, Guns and Money, I give you artist John Sims. He sees the Confederate flag as "visual terrorism," and while I may consider that a slight exaggeration, it's not much of one. The use of the word terrorism has been thrown around so casually over the last five-plus years that it's started to lose some of its force. That said, the above flag has certainly been used to terrorize a significant portion of the population over the last hundred-plus years, so it's not much of an exaggeration.

And I think the treatment is not only appropriate, it's symbolic of where the south needs to go in the future. There was nothing gallant about the "lost cause" or the "Marble Man," and if we southerners were a thousandth as moral as many claim to be in our gay-hating, young-earth-creationist churches, we'd hang our heads in shame whenever that flag popped up anywhere. We certainly wouldn't be sporting it on pickup trucks and bandanas.

Pride in any flag is questionable, since most nations have committed vast numbers of atrocities over time, but that flag doesn't have a single decent memory attached to it. It stands for slavery, for bigotry, for treason and hatred and the symbolism here is apt. The penalty for treason is death, and it's about time we southerners carried it out on the idea that our history is glorious. It's not.

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