Dennis, this is why you're not funny anymore

A long time ago, I thought Dennis Miller was hysterical--I very nearly almost bought one of his books when I was an extraordinarily broke undergrad. But a few years back, even before he went batshit insane after 9/11/2001, he lost it, and I know why.

He got mean.

Now, Dennis Miller was always mean, but at least in the past he targeted people in power and he hammered them for the stupid things they did. But as Tuesday night's Daily Show appearance illustrates, he's forgotten that.

I don't actually recommend that you watch the whole thing--I didn't. I got up to take a shower after he followed up his "the victim in the Duke lacrosse case was the biggest whore ever" joke with his "Pelosi blinks a lot" joke. Nancy Pelosi blinks a lot? That's all you've got, Denny? That's like making fat jokes about Dennis Hastert. In the old days, he'd have made some snarky comment about the pork in the appropriations bill and snuck in a reference to Smithfield, Stonehenge and the battle of Agincourt, but he wouldn't have gone after something as petty as "she blinks a lot."

Political humor is funny when it hits the powerful for doing something boneheaded. It's the quick jab that snaps the head of a Congressman back and rocks him. It's Colbert walking into the lion's den two years ago and ripping Bush a new asshole while he couldn't do anything but sit there with a pasted on grin and take it. Stewart had poked fun at some of the pork loaded into the appropriations bill earlier in the show, and done it well. But he never got personal--and that's why Stewart is the hottest (maybe second, to Colbert) guy in news commentary and Dennis Miller is a has-been.

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