Wherein I plumb the Orwellian depths of conservative email.

I was cleaning out my old email box this afternoon (in between grading papers), and I saw the subject line: The New Flat Earth Society. I just had to check it out.

The email comes from GOPUSA, a group that either phished my email address from somewhere or got it from a blog visitor who thought I could use some edge-ya-macation. Normally they get deleted along with all the penis extender/weight loss/lottery winner/free-food-from-restaurants-I'd-never-go-to ads, and so did this one eventually, but not before I explored just who this New Flat Earth Society consists of.

Surprise. It's scientists, global warming scientists in particular. I'm not going to quote any of it--I don't want to soil my apple-c function--but let's just say that the author, one Doug Patton by name, has done a hacktackular job on the subject.

So Mr. Patton, since you have placed me and most other thinking individuals in the GWC (global warming cult, you see), allow me to place you in the Corner of Mockery, along with your friends the Young-Earth Creationists and the Holocaust Deniers, never to be taken seriously again (if you ever were to begin with).

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