Vilsack's Out and the Random Ten

Not that I'm all that surprised by it--what little oxygen is left in the race after Obama and Clinton finish talking is taken up by Edwards and speculation about Gore. Richardson, it seems to me, is running for the VP spot, as I don't imagine either Edwards or Clinton are interested in being number 2.

In a different race, Vilsack might have had the chance to catch on, but in this race of stories, Vilsack just couldn't match what Clinton and Obama bring to the table in terms of excitement. He's a decent enough guy from what I've read, and came from a pretty rough background--given up for adoption as an infant, adopted mother had drug and alcohol problems--and in any other year, that might have gotten him the kind of coverage Bill Clinton manufactured for himself in 1992. But this year, it's all Obama/Clinton all the time. Edwards has even largely walked away from his "son of a mill worker" speech in favor of his "I was wrong on Iraq and Hillary ought to admit it too" campaign, and it's a real question if he's going to be able to crack the big two in terms of national attention.

As for the others, I don't imagine Biden or Dodd will make the long haul. Kucinich will stay in like he did last time, and Richardson might make it through the first couple of primaries barring something extraordinary. I don't see a candidate pulling a Dean because there's no issue as powerful as the war where everyone's basically on the same page and an insurgent candidacy can erupt. This one will be all about structural power, I imagine.

Here's the random ten--iTunes is on party shuffle and here are the next ten songs on my list. Don't make fun of me, unless you really want to.

1. Sick of Myself--Matthew Sweet
2. Hem of your Garment--Cake
3. Misty Mountain Hop--4 Non-Blondes
4. I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight--Cutting Crew
5. Canceled Check--Beck
6. Shack Up--Nouvelle Vague
7. Epistrophy (Theme)--Thelonious Monk
8. Ants Marching--Dave Matthews Band
9. Circular Trend--Veruca Salt
10. Geek in the Pink--Jason Mraz

Anyone want to share this week?

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