This is why I live in Florida

What the hell do you call this?

'Right through the weekend'
Forecasters early Thursday said they expected up to 100 inches in places by the end of the weekend, but said the snow emergency still has a way to go to make history.

"We are shying away from calling this a record event," Mike Pukajlo, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Buffalo, said Wednesday.

"There are several areas in that region that often get hammered during a winter. Seventy, eighty inches is uncommon for sure, but it's not highly unusual, especially over a several-day event like this," Pukajlo said.

Pukajlo said snow squalls "will keep going right through the weekend. But we expect to see the bands moving around a bit more, back and forth, so it's not going to keep pounding on just one area."

Over eight feet of snow. Eight freaking feet. I keep thinking I should type something different, but I'm stuck on repeat. Eight feet of snow. Eight feet of snow. Eight feet...

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