The Random Ten, Voting Machine Edition

Seems a bit circular, seeing as much of the electronic voting machine controversy began here in Florida back in 2000, that Florida may have just struck the death blow for those machines. I voted against Charlie Crist last November, and I more than likely won't vote for him when he runs for re-election, but I'll give him credit so far on this one issue. Well done.

Here's the random ten--set iTunes on party shuffle and write down the next ten songs that pop up. No cheating to look tragically hip.

1. Driftin'--Herbie Hancock
2. One Arm Steve--Widespread Panic
3. Kiss of Death--Split Lip Rayfield
4. Line Up--Elastica
5. The Drugs Don't Work--Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals
6. Street Woman--Ornette Coleman
7. I Couldn't Love You More--Sade
8. 5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO--The Coup
9. Gonna Make You Sweat--C & C Music Factory
10. 911 Is a Joke--Public Enemy

Special Bonus Track: Your Woman by White Town

Bring on the optical scan machines!

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