Okay, I have cheekily put out info via my myspace page about how I am in this month's Playboy, with an urging to go buy the mag and look at page 44.

But here, I will be less cheeky and admit that it is only my words and name that are published in Playboy, a brief, mostly-not-ad-hominem-attack criticism of a terrible (Brian and I were wailing aghast and appalled by this one) article published in Dec. about how the natural wonderfulness of boys is being systematically destroyed by an over-feminized education system.

I fired off my reply by email and never heard back, but apparently they decided it to publish it in the current (March) issue, in the FORUM (reader response section), page 44.

So now I can claim to be in Playboy, and (even better) Brian can claim that his GF is in Playboy. NEAT!

So go buy Playboy and check me out. There's hot chicks too. Yeah.

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