I really loathe book contests and the random ten

But alas, that's the way it seems it's done these days, so I'm sending out to two more today--the Sarabande and the National Poetry series, which it seems to me got a raw deal from the folks over at Foetry (which isn't surprising). I was an early poster over there, but it got hysterical really quickly, and I found myself defending the honor of people I didn't like personally and don't otherwise find honorable as a result. Made me feel icky. Of the 25 books the National Poetry series has put out in the last five years, the Foetry people found "conflicts" (and who knows what passes for a conflict nowadays) in 3 of them. Those are odds I can live with, though it would be nice if book companies just published poetry mroe often and we weren't stuck with this damn contest system in the first place.

Enough po-ranting. Here's this weeks random ten. Turn on your computer's music player and put it in random mode. List the next ten songs that pop up, even if they're from your angsty days.

1. Froggie Went-a-Courtin'--Spider John Koerner
2. Backstabber--The Dresden Dolls
3. Heart of Glass--Nouvelle Vague
4. A--Barenaked Ladies
5. From Four Till Late--Robert Johnson
6. Everything I Do Gone Be Funky--Dirty Dozen Brass Band
7. Soothe Yourself--Luscious Jackson
8. Intergalactic--Beastie Boys
9. Life is Wonderful--Jason Mraz
10. I Liked You Tonight--The Shins

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