The Random Ten

Has Fox News just jumped the shark or something? Watch the clip and see what they're doing to Obama and tell me that they've not completely lost their minds.

In other news, Amy and I will be headed down to see Bill Maher live tomorrow night thanks to her uncle John's generous Xmas gift--can't wait for that. Got my first set of writing assignments back this week and I don't want to kill anyone, so that's good news as well. Here's the random ten--turn on your iTunes, put it on party shuffle, and then type out the next ten songs to appear, even if there's one by Nickelback.

1. Suits Are Picking Up the Bill--Squirrel Nut Zippers
2. High Hopes--Pink Floyd
3. Less Than Zero--Elvis Costello
4. Electric--Luscious Jackson (perhaps the best pop band name ever)
5. Brown Sugar--Mos Def
6. Waterloo--ABBA (Don't ask)
7. Blue Monk--Thelonious Monk
8. Even After All--Finley Quaye
9. We Want the Funk--George Clinton and the Parliament Pfunkadelic
10. Yellow Sun--The Raconteurs

Seriously, don't ask about the ABBA, okay? Let's just say I was into Australian film for a while and leave it at that.

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