A poetry post

These appear about once every couple of months it seems, which is far rarer than they should, but what the hell. I got the February issue of Poetry today, and one poem in it jumped out at me for very personal reasons. It was written by a friend of mine about a friend of his who I had the privilege of meeting before he died.

"Lavender All Over Again"
Newspaper Caption

I see you in your backyard's lavender,
post-lunch doze, dreaming someone
you brought home last week who blurs
to hummingbirds that fan your ears.
Lavender buds pilled your sweatshirt
in the restaurant garden you preferred,
where we ate, gossiped, laughed,
and downed a sizable carafe.
You ate experience whole,
sweetest when you lost control.
I see you springing from your gluey sleep
while foggy shade rolls toward your seat.
You liked to party hard, still in your prime
way past your prime, Give me wine wine wine
all the time time time
, stomped in punk dives'
purple light, sweating, fists pumped high...
Ardent life burned your heart and hands.
You kept dancing until you could barely stand.

In memory of Thom Gunn

W. S. DiPiero

Simone told me in an email not long ago that he has a book of new and collected poems coming out next month, titled Chinese Apples. I'll post more on it when I get my copy.

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