Atop the list of films I can't wait to not see

It's hard to make the top of the list of films I can't wait to not see, but I think this one will land there easily. I can't imagine wanting to see a film based on a novel about a philosophy I find repugnant, but what really makes this article are the stories about Rand herself, like this one depicting her anger over the way The Fountainhead was filmed.

Rand had adapted it herself, but she battled with the director, King Vidor, over changes to her screenplay. In the end a single line was cut from a six-minute speech by Cooper’s character, Howard Roark, reportedly leaving Rand embittered by the experience. She vowed that Warner Brothers would not be permitted to adapt “Atlas” unless the studio recut “The Fountainhead,” returning the edited line to its rightful place, said her biographer Jeff Britting.

She was apparently so paranoid (filled with a ridiculous sense of self-importance?) that she only flew on private planes because she was convinced the Russians would hijack any commercial airliner she flew on. Lady, I tried reading Atlas Shrugged--they were glad to be rid of you.
But my favorite piece from the article was this bit:
But Mr. Ruddy refused to grant Rand final script approval, and their courtship quickly broke off. “It’s a fool’s game to spend a lot of money and time only to have her say, ‘I think you should take this out,’ ” he said. So, he recalled, he told Rand that he would wait for her to “drop dead” and then make the movie on his own terms.

I don't blame him one bit. But he won't be making the film, assuming it gets made at all--that will fall to the husband and wife couple who made Ray, which makes sense in an odd sort of way. They managed to make a watchable film that condensed a long and storied career into two and a half hours. Atlas Shrugged is 1,200 pages--that's gonna require some major condensing. Not that I'll see it.

I can't wait to not see it.

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