It's been a good week and the Random Ten
My thirty-eighth birthday was a lot less stressful than my thirty-second, though the sleep I lost haunted me the rest of week. But I have today off to catch up on some work in a lower stress environment, and the political worry that has consumed me for the last six months has been replaced with the more mundane worry of getting book manuscripts in under deadline. I'll gladly take the trade.

Here's the random ten for this week--put the iTunes on Party Shuffle and post the next ten songs you have. No skipping songs you think will make you look like a dumbass.

1. In the Night--Katherine Whalen
2. Oro, Incienso Y Mirra--Dizzy Gillespie & Machito
3. Who Got It--Talib Kweli
4. One Up One Down--John Coltrane
5. Do What? Squirrel Nut Zippers
6. You Don't Love Me--Matthew Sweet
7. Uber Legitimate--Mates of State
8. Destroy All Lawyers--Mojo Nixon
9. The Devil's Chasing Me--Reverend Horton Heat
10. When You Dream--Barenaked Ladies

Bonus Track: Overkill--Laszlo Bane It's a cover of the Men at Work original that brings in Colin Haye for the last verse. Reminds me why that band was a hit in the 80s--such an odd voice.

So what's in your list this week? Seems I've got a heavier layer of jazz than normal, but I'll take it.

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