The Home Stretch and the Random Ten

In ten minutes, I'll officially meet my Creative Writing class for the last time this term. They've been some good students, and some have made some real strides. I hope they sign up for the next semester. I've got six now, and will probably need half that again to make sure the class runs. I'm putting together a reading for them in a couple of weeks, an end of the semester celebration of sorts, very low key, friends and faculty. It should be nice.

Here's the random ten--iTunes on party shuffle and list the next ten songs that pop up. Here we go.

1. Coin Operated Boy--Dresden Dolls
2. Poor Poor Pitiful Me--Warren Zevon
3. Brown Skin lady--Black Star
4. Tangerine--Dexter Gordon
5. For Dancers Only--Jimmie Lanceford
6. Friday I'm In Love--The Cure
7. Money for Nothing--Dire Straits
8. So Long Eric--Charles Mingus
9. Cruise Your New Baby Fly Self--Girls Against Boys
10. Treat Me--Boozoo Bajou

So, whatcha listening to?

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