Pelosi's plan and the random ten

I've just put up a post over at Stephen's place that talks about this WaPo article that details Nancy Pelosi's plans for her first hundred hours as Speaker should the Dems win the House. Let's just say it doesn't involve instant messaging. One addition I'd like to see t her list--outlawing Presidential signing statements.

Here's the random ten--iTunes on party shuffle and here we go.

1. Dis, Dat or D'Udda--Dr. John
2. Rockafella Skank--Fatboy Slim
3. Half Jack--Dresden Dolls
4. Keep Talking--Pink Floyd
5. Pretty Mary K--Elliot Smith
6. Sick of Myself--Matthew Sweet
7. Fool in the Rain--Led Zeppelin
8. At Last--Neko Case
9. Supreme, Supreme--Talib Kweli featuring Mos Def
10. Bedlam Ballroom--Squirrel Nut Zippers

Special Bonus Track: All the Umbrellas in London--The Magnetic Fields. It's really sort of a dumb song, but they remind me of the Crash Test Dummies, and I always had a soft spot for them.

So what's your favorite bit of Pelosi's plan?

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