Friday Random Ten

The end of another long week, and the papers are still coming in. I'm not starting them until next week, though--giving myself a break.

Here's the random ten, which I believe cranks up where the last one left off--I listened more to my iPod than my computer last week. It's on Party shuffle and here are the next ten songs.

1. What Has Happened? --Big Smith
2. Plane--Jason Mraz (This song is a horrible earworm for me. I'll be humming it all day now.)
3. Tropicalia--Beck
4. Bang and Blame--R.E.M.
5. Rusty Old String--The Amy Garland Band
6. Intergalactic--Beastie Boys
7. Nettie Moore--Bob Dylan
8. Red Beans--Professor Longhair
9. Low Down Man--Squirrel Nut Zippers
10. Sympathy for the Devil--Rolling Stones

By the way, if you ever really want to know what your students think about you, have them guess what's on your iPod. Apparently I stoped listening to new music thirty years ago--when I was 7.

So what's on your lists?

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