Who knew?

Apparently I'm a grassroots Republican activist. From an email I received today from Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee (who I do not heart, by the way):

If we fail to implement our aggressive Get-Out-The-Vote strategy of identifying,
contacting and turning out GOP voters to help elect more Republicans, we run the
risk of losing control of Congress to the Democrats -- who are poised to roll back
our accomplishments we've achieved over the past six years.

I am asking you -- a dedicated grassroots leader who knows what it takes to win
tough elections -- to please make an urgent online contribution of $35, $50 or $100
to the RNC to help ensure we have the resources to kick our Get-Out-The-Vote program
into high gear.

Apparently my name is Dick, too--that or the mook who signed me up for these emails had a particularly juvenile sense of humor.

It's funny, too, that the RNC email doesn't say anything about Republican accomplishments over the last six years--it just claims that the Democrats have no plan other than to bring "phony impeachment charges against President Bush." Hmmm.

The one thing you can count on--and Orcinus on the sidebar there talks about this all the time these days--is that if the right-wing is accusing people of something, you can bet the family silver that they're neck deep in it themselves.

They've got no plan for anything.

Send them home.

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