The Random Ten

I'll admit I was tempted to do an "End of the Republic" edition or a "See you in the gulag" edition, but instead I think I'm going to sit back and be glad I live near the ocean. I'm not quite ready to see if that trip across the Florida Straits is as difficult going toward Cuba as it is coming this way, but I'll admit to taking a greater interest in sailboats of late.

Anyway, here's the random ten for this week. Not much time for ruminating--papers, papers, papers to grade. Here we go.

1. Under Your Skin--Luscious Jackson (what happened to them? They're awesome.)
2. Hey Hey What Can I Do--Led Zeppelin (I'm not ashamed to say I like Hootie's cover of this better. Maybe I should be.)
3. Say Yes--Elliot Smith
4. Born to Run--Bruce Springsteen (Seems oddly appropriate today.)
5. Stonehenge--Spinal Tap ('Undreds of years before the dawn of history.)
6. Angel from Montgomery--Susan Tedeschi
7. Prove My Love--Violent Femmes
8. Wouldn't it be Nice--Beach Boys (I can come up with some alternative lyrics, I'm sure.)
9. Little Bottles--Alejandro Escovedo
10. 32-20 Blues--Robert Johnson
And for my bonus track, I'll just go along with Michael.

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